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Nov 13, 2012 5:35am EST
comprador. >>> en instantes, vencÍa quedÓ bajo el agua, ademÁs, el presidente de guatemala habla sobre un sismo cuando otro lo interrumpe y raperos que cantan por la paz en colombia, pagan por sus vidas. regresam regresamos. las noticias y la informaciÓn no termina aquÍ el mal tiempo que azota el norte de italia inundÓ vencÍa donde el nivel del mar alcanzÓ el sexto re jgistro mÁs alto 70% de la famosa ciudad se inundÓ cuando llegÓ el mar a 5 pies por encima del nivel normal en la regiÓn toscana evacuada personas y cortes de luz y problemas en metro. >>> sismo 6, 2 twrum oÍ una conferencia del presidente de guatemala mientras hablaba del terremoto pasado, estaba con periodistas para dar a conocer esfuerzo de rescate, estaba en medio de su scombli ocasiÓn kaunld se empezÓ a mover la tierra. >>> mÁs bien aquiles quiero decir de una vez hacer el llamado... estamos con la replica 109 en este momento. >>> 109 replica dijo que habÍa que seguir instrucciones y urgÓo a periodista y presentes a evacuar la conferencia de prensa. >>> otro presidente de ecuador rafael correa qu
Nov 13, 2012 3:30am PST
did this a few years ago in a small way, colombia, argentina, ecuador, guatemala, some with right wing governments, very tough on crime, and in europe, similarly. it's not generally the standards to be putting people behind bars for a possession of any drug in small amounts for one's own personal use. and perhaps the paramount example of success in this regard is portugal. portugal 11 years ago decriminalized the possession of all drugs in personal use amounts. drug selling is illegal and you can still be arrested for that. they began doing evaluations a few years ago. you do not go to jail for possession of any drug in a small amount. and you are not drug tested. nobody gets thrown back in for dirty urines and all this sort of stuff. it's now been in place for 11 years. the research on that, and i recommend the piece in the british journal of crin knowledge and kid send it to -- cridge -- criminolgy. cases of h.i.v. and hepc and crime went down and people continued to seek treatment, that the rates of drug use in portugal did not go up at the same rates as comparable countries in
Nov 13, 2012 12:00pm EST
from dieing? they went into jungles of guatemala and malawi and recorded the heartbeats of i think about two dozen kids, maybe more, using this believe it or not, iphone app. it was an incredible moment to hear those heartbeats. looking for the perfect heartbeat and we found one kid who -- we pulled up the song and pulled up his heartbeat and they were going boom, boom, boop, da, da, da, da, and the song starts. ♪ we read about the campaign, listened to the heart beats, started flipping through songs and came to this one piece of song that we had and all of us at the same time are like, this is the song. ♪ the chorus very much is the save the children campaign, feeling better since you've known me. moment you interacted with me or cared enough to do something, i've been feeling better. ♪ it is a call to action. the line saying with you i feel again, and then the music, music alone is a call to action even beyond lyrics. it's so triumphant. ♪ i feel again with you ♪ ♪ i can feel again if you buy the song, you know, every or itunes the money literal goes t
Search Results 0 to 6 of about 7 (some duplicates have been removed)